What is the right age for a nose job?

The patient must have reached a right age for a nose job. As women completed the period of adolescence before men, the minimum age of 17 years and men must have reached the minimum age of 18 years. However, it is possible to perform surgery at a younger age in exceptional cases where the patient has difficulty breathing; the image becomes a psychological problem and is reflected in everyday life. It is possible to operate at a younger age again. Congenital problems called cleft palate and lip and serious traumas can be applied at an early stage in case of loss of the final resulting function.

Is nasal aesthetic surgery a painful procedure?

Nasal surgery is a painless operation when classic intermediate storage is not performed. The silicone supports that will be applied to provide comfortable breathing after surgery do not cause pain.

Do you have a lot of bleeding in nose surgery?

Among haemorrhagic surgeries when the patient does not have problems with haemorrhagic coagulation. Of course, preoperative examinations and blood tests will minimize the possibility of a problem of postoperative bleeding and postoperative problems, but those with high blood pressure are more likely to have a nosebleed after surgery. In addition, anticoagulants such as aspirin should be left at least one week before the operation. You are expected to have a slight pink bleeding after surgery, especially in the first two days after surgery.

Can we always have rhinoplasty surgery?

Nasal aesthetic rhinoplasty Manchester is performed in younger women. In situations where severe nasal obstruction and child development is disrupted, surgery may be performed at an earlier age, but revision surgery may be necessary because bone development continues for years to come.

What is happening during the surgery?

You will not feel pain during the narcosis phase because you will wake up with medications added to the inserted serum. At the beginning of the operation, you will feel relieved of your excitement with a medicine called “courage needle” between people. After waking up, body heat is heated with special heaters because the temperature of the operating room is usually cooler than the ambient temperature to which we are accustomed.

What is closed rhinoplasty?

This technique has the disadvantage of not leaving traces outside the nose, as well as insufficient manipulation of the changes that will be made at the tip of the nose.

Shall you get psychological support before surgery?

Nasal aesthetic surgery is a procedure that requires a lot of time and patience, especially the healing process. The expectations of the patient should be well understood by the physician and the patient should be able to explain the results in detail to the patient. People with high standards and a perfectionist personality are bad candidates for nose surgery. People who are in the details of the personality and have drowned in the details should get psychiatric help prior to this operation and should continue if the same support is needed after the operation.

How should you perform the postoperative care?

We do not use a conventional gauze pad after a nose operation. Often our patients can breathe easily thanks to the silicones we have placed to stabilize the nasal wound. The most important part of postoperative care is to keep the inside of the nose moist to prevent dryness in the nose. For this reason, it is important to avoid dryness by continuously soaking the nose with sterile water droplets after surgery for rhinoplasty in Manchester. Especially in the first months you should protect your nose from collapse and do not interrupt your routine examinations. It is recommended that you do not engage in heavy sports during the first month. It is important that you learn by talking to your doctor about the details

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