Aspiring Authors: How to Publish

The technological advancements that exist nowadays have completely transformed the book publishing sector. There were times when one needed to publish a book they had to get appointments from publishers, an exercise that was very tiring. Many are the times when aspiring authors gave up and forgot their dreams.

Today, it is very easy to have a book published and, most importantly, market it. This is great news for aspiring authors. People who are interested in publishing a book can do so through very simple steps.

Book publishing for anyone wishing to become an author is becoming easier due to online methods of publishing a book. Now anyone can publish their book without the need to visit a publisher. No appointments needed, no queues or meetings set up. All you have to do is to find an ideal online book publisher to have your book published. In most cases online book publishing follows the following procedure:

1. Production & Registration
This involves submitting of print-ready files, which are looked through, edited and printed. The book is then officially registered ready to be published in paper form as well as ebook. Having your book published as an ebook is very good for marketing, especially when you are an aspiring author.

2. Selling and Distributing
This step actually involves distributing the title of your book to bookstores and booksellers, a process that ensures your book is known.

3. Marketing
Closely related to selling and distributing is the step of marketing. Here an online publisher guides on ways to market your title to potential readers. By the time your book gets published, you will be having readers waiting to buy and read your book.

4. Print runs
This is the final steps that see the book published. Everything is complete and in order. All you need to do now is to order your own personal print run. International booksellers can also order a book and print a number of copies they need for their stores. Such a simple process of book publishing makes it possible for aspiring authors to publish books, something that was quite challenging some years ago.

The online option of getting a book published comes with more advantages besides making it easy for books to be published. You can get your book published in a number of files that can be read on almost all smartphones as well as all types of e-readers. Considering that most people nowadays prefer reading from their electronic devices rather from books, this is a smart decision for upcoming authors. You will end up getting your book read by many readers.

Online publishers have quite competitive prices, which is suitable for upcoming authors. You probably have little funds and finding a publisher that can publish your book at an affordable price is important.


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